The Vicious Killing of Iniubong Umorem: 1 gone to a failed system


Today it is Iniubong Umorem, who is next? I do not know Ini but following the trend and story about her death, all that kept running through my mind is the fact that it could have been anyone,me or any of my siblings or friends. Again I am pissed, I am shattered that I live in a society where anything goes. I am afraid because I feel unprotected in my own country.

Ini only went in search of a job

Where should I even begin, the health care sector that took the life of my friend’s pregnant sister and baby, or the unqualified doctor that hampered on the sight of that very industrious woman, the death of a friend few days ago who was shot by unknown gunmen only to hear a different story in the news that he was a criminal and now Iniubong. What hell of a nation is Nigeria? A country so thirsty for the blood of her citizens.

Iniubong Umoren, was just a jobseeker, she wanted to sustain herself in a miserable country that left her unemployed, she went missing just after informing her friends of a job interview in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. Ini went to be interviewed, Ini didn’t go to a hotel so it’s not a thing of shaming women for their sexuality. Ini went out in search of a real job and Ini was killed. Man’s inhumanity to the poor girl.

The young lady left home for an interview at Airport Road in the outskirts of Uyo on April 29, 2021 and just about 2 hours later, she was said to have called her friend and on the phone she was heard screaming until the call abruptly ended and her phone went off afterwards.

Her friend informed that she was abducted by one Uduak Frank Akpan, from Nung Ikot Obio, after he lured her on social media with a fake job offer. The police said on Friday, April 30, that an investigation into the case has begun and two persons have been arrested. news has it that the family of this young boy has a history of kidnapping and murder, that both his father and cousin even sister were taught this trade.

In a post shared on Sunday morning, May 2, Ini’s friend revealed that she was raped and murdered by her abductor. The young lady who went in search of a job was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. Ini was killed by someone and he didn’t think of the pain he has inflicted in the hearts of those she left behind. He didn’t even think about the dreams of a young girl chasing her dreams.

Now, they no longer abuse women sexually, they also kill women after assaulting them. Life is so unfair. I am too afraid to even go out these days, everything is so unorganized in this nation, if you aren’t scared of men like the ones who killed Ini you will be scared of the Recklessness of drivers just as one killed a dear friend. And I couldn’t just stop thinking about the order I saw in Dubai. Nigeria will always disgrace us. I am tired of our so-called leaders and I am tired of hearing the name Nigeria, I am tired of the system that doesn’t work, everything is just not okay here.

I don’t even feel like going out sometimes because everything is so tough and risky for the girl child, why is it so? I usually would send my location to friends just as Ini did and even inform them of my movements but this isnt enough now, rapists, killers, kidnappers have found new tactics now? I don’t even trust the smile of Nigeria, when Nigeria actually smiles at you, you should check because there is a possibility of pain at the end of the tunnel. Ini’s death is so dishearting.


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