Bandits threaten to kill 39 Abducted Students: Insecurities in Kaduna


Must we wake up every morning to terrible news? why are we killing ourselves? The latest in Nigeria is the consistent havoc caused by vicious people whom we have categorized with the tag “unknown Gunmen”. In the past, we have seen and heard cases of unknown Gunmen killing and even raping people and destroying properties but the consistent attack of these men since the past 4 months is one that should cause a society to be awake and vigilant but no, there are no rules and no one to fight this battle.

Bandits to kill students today

Unknown Gunmen raided a college in north-west Nigeria where they kidnapped 39 students, in the latest mass abduction targeting a school, which is now the new plot of these malicious people. The path they have chose is to go after young people, rape and kill them and thereby bringing misery to families.

This group of people entered the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Mando, Kaduna state, at about 9.30pm on Thursday the 12th of March 2021 started shooting careless without regard for human lives, and afterwards took 39 students. These are peoples children, I can’t even imagine the pains and fears of the families affected. Students about the age of 17 and older, they took them males and females. News has it that the school has about 300 students before the attack.

This is almost 2 months gone and these students haven’t been found, rather we are faced with more challenges in our country. Robbery, cold deaths, rape, mass destruction of properties, kidnapping, open fire by the same unknown gun men. It is funny how we are so quick to tag our problems, like give them titles without finding a way to solve the issues we are faced. I used to believe that when you give a name to something it makes it easy to identify and solve the problem because a situation or problem that has a name is close to its end or solution but here in Nigeria we only do that for trends.

Nigeria is so hot now, tension everywhere, few days ago it was gunshots by unknown Gunmen in Owerri, in Calabar abduction and rape, in port harcourt kidnapping and robbery and in the north herdsmen crisis, we could go on and on to list the situation on ground.

It is long overdue and I do not blame parents for entering the street to fight for their kids, the Parents of Kaduna Abducted Students today are in the streets calling on the Kaduna State Government to save their Children from being killed by Abductors because those guys are bent on killing these students if they do not get the ransom they are seeking. Why should we be scared of these bad people when we have leaders?

Why do they seem to have power over our leaders to command and give us orders like we are their subjects, yet we have our leaders and we preach independence. The so called unknown Gunmen have given our leaders today as the deadline of keeping these students and if their request isn’t granted they are going to take the lives of people’s children and what are our leaders doing to curtail this? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

We are not safe anymore in this nation because the only remedy our leaders brought was the storming with local dogs as security guards in schools, very funny, really funny because the so called security agencies are doing nothing about this. Well they are not affected so damn the people.

What have our leaders done, they have done nothing other than think of new ways of retaining power for their selfish good. Who is going to vindicate Nigeria? who is going to save the students from been killed?


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