Lack of Social Amenities in Adamawa: Buhari restates vow to end poverty


Today it’s about Adamawa. Going through the headlines on google news this morning, I read this particular headline that says ‘Buhari restates vow to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty”. This is hilarious! The question I asked myself was; when? when are you going to alleviate poverty? when we are all gone? well, he was just restating, we are used to the big talks, we are no longer expecting, Nigerians are tired.

Lack of social Amenities in Adamawa

The headline reminded me of a post I saw some days ago about how in Adamawa state a thing as necessary as clean water is unavailable, it is not just about the water been clean it is about how the people at Kulba can’t even find dirty water to start with. It is really disheartening coming from the African giant, that a state in Nigeria in other to get water would toil the soil. What exactly is President Buhari doing about it?

I know Nigeria still pictures herself as underdeveloped but we are supposed to have gone beyond this level. It’s bad that we are nowhere close to technological advancement but we shouldn’t be miserable at all ends, not with water, not with food. Adamawa is too big a state to lack a thing as water.

I spend most of my time trying to relate scenarios and even compare situations, examine the visibility of policies, and even calculate the duration of whatever it is my leaders want to implement to bring change. It’s crazy! yes, because I do not see the flexibility in the minds of my leaders, I only see people who love making promises just as they would promise us in their memorandum in every election.

Again, our president like the others in the past made promises and none is been fulfilled, why make a vow to eradicate poverty and help the disabled when you can’t even provide us with the least social amenities like water.

They make believing in a system more difficult for the common man, they make hope hopeless, every day we wake up to new promises and mandates only to be faced with increased poverty rate and hunger. Adamawa is faced with water scarcity.

Little wonder a friend who would always lament on our failed system and how choosing the part of becoming an entrepreneur was the best decision he made; to him why should I bother going to school when yearly more people graduate from the university only to face unemployment and poverty and at the end fall back to a skill they acquired or they spend time learning skills. Well, a nation that can’t provide a state like Adamawa water can obviously not grant employment opportunities.

This issue of not getting jobs after spending time and money to acquire certain knowledge in tertiary institutions is a big deal for me because dreams are been chattered. Just as they lack water in Adamawa young people are discouraged from pursuing their goals. You hear things like; why waste your time chasing something that won’t pay you? why should you desire to work under an establishment that is not yours?

This is because most conglomerates don’t even employ these guys if they don’t have any connection and even if they employ, they don’t pay you enough compared to the labor you put in and so its a waste of labor for the man who earns his money by working for himself.

So as a scholar it is hard to dream big, it’s difficult to want to be in certain places, if it is not yours then it won’t make sense. You get maltreated at your workplace because to your boss you can’t even do without him, the government can’t even save you.

We are said to have the fastest growing economy in Africa but shame unto my nation and my leaders that the people are facing lack, a lack that is not required, why should we lack access to social amenities? the people of Kulba in Adamawa can’t continue to dig the ground in search of water, it is the hardest life to live, living without water, water is so necessary.

Why should citizens celebrate a bucket of water they sourced from the ground? When are we going to move beyond this? When are the people of Adamawa enjoy the water? Countries are celebrating big achievements like technological inventions. China is celebrating 5G communication, quantum computing and etc, the U.S.A is about her Advanced hearing aids, Flyte levitating light bulbs, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and even Ghana are gradually growing their economy but hello Nigeria what do you have to say?


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