Lagos State Task Force: 7 Things to do when you see the arrogant ones


Arrogant people are easily angered. It’s confusing, I know. Everything is so confusing here from trying to understand the people we voted for and how they are totally different from what they wrote in their manifesto during the election to the point that we have different people on the road who are basically doing the same thing but have different titles.

On Lagos road I have seen a lot of these task force people who extort civilians, marginalize and also cause nuisance in the society. This piece is for those uncivil guys on the roads of Lagos, I don’t even know where the government is hiring them from because they are so arrogant and aggressive.

Below are the things you should do when you are being harassed by a task force personnel in Lagos.

1. When you are asked to stop just stop

First of all, stop when you are asked to park your car or bike or whatever it is in motion, just stop. Why should you stop? Really, I do not know what those guys are high on, they will literally stand in front of a car in motion and I trust you do not want to be called a murderer or be the reason someone has a broken leg for their own carelessness.

2. Remove your key and hold it very tightly from the arrogant ones.

That’s the first thing to grabbed by them to either delay you or have an edge over you to make you bend to their demands. Once you have your key be assured that it’s going to be fair for you that day. At least less trouble until you meet the one who wants to roll your vehicle and is ready to do anything. be careful of these guys because they can be really arrogant

3. Speak their language

  • Don’t try to use vocabulary that they can’t relate to because not understanding you could become a problem. They can actually keep you speaking fluently. Imagine a task force personnel saying “oh, you Dey speak English”. Just talk to them in a language that they can understand.

4. Ask them what they want

Most people held by these task force people are not always wrong but these guys always find a means to upset and waste people’s time. So just ask them because they are always looking for something to hold their belle. So you can give them stipends for lunch because they will delay you and the system won’t even take your side.

5. Be calm

Do not raise your voice if you do not want to engage in a street fight because you can not Shame the shameless. you cant be as arrogant as they are. there is a saying that two people cannot be mad at the same time.

6. Make sure to have all your documents.

Ensure that you are not at fault in any way. When you are at they display their cruelty even more, so by all means avoid the arrogant ones.

7. Chill if you are not in haste

If you do not have anything important to do and you are not in a haste, you have all these things intact but they chose to harass you just remain cool and stay there with them, make sure to give them nothing because you are the bad market for the day. Funny but they need to be taught a lesson since we are all claiming to be mad. you can as well get a bottle of coke and chill.

It’s okay to avoid arrogant people and if you have the time and you are right chill and prove your point but do not be aggressive. Arrogant people are quick to notice their kind.


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