Alaba International Market: Joint Press Conference to Resolve Issues


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has announced the establishment of a joint working committee to address the issues surrounding the recent demolitions in some markets, particularly the Alaba International Market. The decision was made after a meeting between Governor Sanwo-Olu, Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Ben Kalu, and Igbo market leaders in Lagos.

Concerns have been raised by individuals and groups regarding the demolitions at Alaba International Market, with some accusing the state government of targeting a particular section of the country. However, Governor Sanwo-Olu clarified that misconceptions were cleared during the meeting, and the committee will conduct inspections, gather information, and correct any negative media coverage.

The governor urged people to carry on with their normal business without fear, assuring them that the government will continue to listen and provide opportunities for everyone to thrive in their businesses.

Governor Uzodimma expressed gratitude to Governor Sanwo-Olu for addressing the concerns raised and for taking prompt action in setting up a committee to address the issues. He emphasized that the policies implemented by the Lagos State government were not intended to harm any interests and assured the Igbo community in Lagos of their protection and safety.


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