42-year old Man Arrested in Oyo State for Exhuming and selling Human Head


They won’t allow the dead to rest in peace, a man was caught after cutting off human head from the cemetery. A 42-year-old suspected ritualist, Abideen Raheem as reported today, has been arrested by men of the Oyo state police command and paraded in the state to be a ritualist.

The 42 year old Raheem confessed that he exhumed a body from a cemetery in Ibadan, cut off the head, and sold it to a friend for N25,000. The length people go for money. According to Raheem, his friend needed the human head for money ritual.

“I wanted to help my friend who contacted me that he needed human head for money ritual. I cut the head with a knife, and took it away. I gave my friend who told me that he needed it for money ritual.”

The suspect said his friend was arrested with the head on his way home.

“It was his arrest that led to my arrest” Raheem said.

When interrogated, the friend who gave his name as Moruf Ganiyu, said he needed the human head for money ritual purposes.

“I discussed the issue with my friend Raheem and he promised to get me the head. On getting it, he called me. I collected it and I gave him the sum of N25,000 for his job.

I actually wanted to use the head for money ritual” Ganiyu said. What happened to dignity of Labour, what happened to integrity and discipline? what exactly is going on in this country? People are becoming beasts.


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