DSS, Advisory Conduct Final Investigation on Tinubu’s Ministerial Nominees


The list of potential ministerial nominees for the Bola Tinubu administration is undergoing final security checks, according to a reliable source within the Presidency. The Department of State Services and the Presidential Strategic Team are conducting these checks before the list is finalized. The source did not disclose the names or number of individuals being considered for ministerial positions. If the Tinubu administration follows through with the appointment of ministers of state, 44 names are expected to be sent to the Senate for screening and approval.

Politicians have reportedly been visiting Tinubu’s residence in Lagos, hoping to secure ministerial slots. The source indicated that while Tinubu has retained some key ministerial positions for himself, other positions are highly sought after, leading to intense competition among politicians.

In March, it was announced that Tinubu would form his cabinet within one month of assuming office. However, it is now anticipated that the list of ministerial nominees will be submitted to the Senate for confirmation this week, following the legislative recess. The delay in releasing the list is attributed to the strategic checks being conducted by the DSS and the Presidential Strategic Team.

There have been speculations that some APC governors might be given the freedom to nominate more than one person for ministerial positions with the President’s consent. It is expected that the ministerial list will be submitted to the Senate for confirmation in the coming week, and the cabinet will likely be in place later this month.

In the midst of growing anticipation, former Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs. Pauline Tallen, has called on the President to fulfill the 35% affirmative action promised to women during his campaign. She expressed confidence that Nigerian women would be given their rightful place in the administration, emphasizing the importance of empowering and educating women to contribute to the nation’s development. The United Nations Women Representative to Nigeria, Mrs. Beatrice Eyong, also expressed her belief that the President would fulfill his promise to women and urged the government to align with international conventions that promote gender equality.


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