Are You A Yahoo Boy? -Part 3


Is he actually a yahoo boy? A young boy was shot by a policeman for stealing a car and it turned out that, the young boy is an ordinary mechanic who was only fixing the car for a man he has known for 4 years, but it was too late because of the cruelty from his executioner was really excessive. I see this as an attack on boys, I see this as direct wickedness on young boys, and I see this as hatred for young boys. I am saying this because I have witnessed so many harms done to them.

Why should every young boy be called a yahoo boy?

Some months back on my way to Nigeria by road from Ghana, in the bus very close to one of the borders the driver asked, please who has a laptop here? and I indicated,  he then asked if I had my student identification card and I said yes, he said they would request for it during the inspection, I was waiting, I was ready for the inspectors but to my greatest surprise the young boys who couldn’t travel with their systems, couldn’t activate their social media accounts because they do not want harassments from the inspectors or misinterpretation or false accusations.

They had just their mobile phones. When the inspector came he looked at us and then called out all the young boys to come out with their bags and phones, that discriminatory look they gave to them.

There was an old man, there was me who had something they needed to see but they chose the innocent boys, I was so disappointed, I wasn’t trying to show feminism but I really wanted things to be done appropriately with no discrimination since they searched the boys they should do same to the old people and even the ladies, but no I think there is something really fishy about the attitudes of the force men when it comes to young guys, those inspectors already had this negative thought about the boys but those boys where just young traders who retail phone parts and sold accessories, they are not thieves. 

People talk about yahoo boys and try to give the history of how this started but no one is talking about those who are not into yahoo who are made to suffer humiliation and abuses? No one talks about the police who forcefully attack these innocent boys, no one talks about the actual yahoo boys who get to pay the so called FBI, EFCC, SARS and the police monthly allowances. If internet fraud is becoming unbearable know that the corporate world has a role to play in this, financial institutions are actively connected to the this, they clear the funds for the actual yahoo boys, they allow them access those funds because at the end they get their cuts, EFCC, SARS, Police officials enable the actual yahoo boys to carry on with their extortions while they chase innocent boys to cover up the search for the actual criminals. 

We are aware, Nigerians are not dumb, we are just helpless because our whole system is messed up, from the poverty and unemployment, bad governance, and the abandonment of youths who went to study in the United Kingdom leading to the engagement of most Nigerians in cybercrimes. The police do not have the right to search people illegally unless they are threats to society, they don’t have the right to call young boys criminals without proof, they don’t have the right to arrest and bully them, why do I see misplacement of duties? The police no longer know their jobs even the SARS officials or maybe they’re so interested in this because of the money they make these poor boys pay, and when they don’t pay they are kept in prison to suffer, who would fight for them? Our leaders don’t even care.


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