Subsidy Removal: Civil Servants Sell Off Cars in Taraba State


Car sellers in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba state, are facing a shortage of parking space due to an influx of vehicles from civil servants who can no longer afford to maintain their cars following the removal of fuel subsidy. The removal of the subsidy has led to a significant increase in fuel prices, with the pump price ranging from N550,00 to N570,00 in the state.

Civil servants in Taraba state are being compelled to sell their vehicles as the high cost of fuel has made it financially burdensome to own and operate a car. Many of the cars being brought for sale in the past three weeks are owned by civil servants working for the state or local government councils. Car sellers in the area have observed a surge in the number of customers approaching them to sell their vehicles, leading to a shortage of parking space.

According to sales agents at various car stands, the majority of people selling their cars are civil servants who find it increasingly difficult to cope with the rising cost of fuel and the expenses associated with maintaining their vehicles. The removal of fuel subsidy has made life unbearable for them, prompting the decision to sell their cars. Additionally, the market for car sales has slowed down since the removal of the subsidy, as fewer people are willing to purchase vehicles due to the high cost of fuel.

Civil servants like Titus Illiman from the Taraba State Ministry of Information have chosen to sell their cars because they can no longer afford to drive them with fuel prices at N550,00. Selling their vehicles provides them with some income which can be invested in other ventures, such as farming, to generate additional profit and support their children’s education. The monthly income of civil servants is insufficient to cover the expenses associated with owning a car, making it more practical for them to sell their vehicles in the current economic situation.


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