EFFC Apprehends 60 Yahoo Boys at their Awards Party.


Yahoo boys awards party 2021, as funny as this may sound, the young boys were arrested just as the celebration was about to go down. The freedom to be stupid in Nigeria, I wonder who motivated them to do this, like how do you celebrate an awards party for something as illegal as fraud both locally and internationally. I must commend their boldness because how did they proudly hold this celebration knowing that its a crime in this country to be a fraudster?

Operatives of the Lagos Command of the EFCC have arrested 60 suspected internet fraudsters during their awards ceremony at the Conference Hotel in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the EFFC is on the lookout for these guys and the opportunity presented itself and they grabbed it.

The award night was captioned “Peer Youths Awards”, report has it that the award was organised to reward high-level internet fraudsters. I still cannot figure out why they chose that caption and what awards they were to give but this is the height of entitlement. Well, we live in a society were everyone wants an accolade, people want to be recognised by all means, get awards for nothing, buy awards too, and also force awards, the yahoo boys wanted to share in this but unfortunately luck didn’t shine on them.

This is not the kind of awards we want young people to go for, we want a nation with young people with high level of respect for themselves, who understands integrity and professionalism, not people engaging in all sorts of malicious acts and are proud to show off their excesses.

Items recovered from the suspects at the point of arrest include exotic cars, electronic devices, laptop computers and mobile phones. it ended in pain,


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