President Buhari Vows to End Terrorism after the Zamfara Massacre


President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to bring down and end terrorism in Nigeria after the recent killings in Zamfara, the massacre in Zamfara was a terrible one, ending people’s lives for no reason was uncalled for.

The president stated that the ongoing offensive against criminals will get more intense via a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu.

The president also stated that the outraged by the mindless massacre in Zamfara is an act of desperation by a routed band of criminals currently under heavy military attack assured Nigerians, especially those living in communities that have recently suffered terrorist attacks, that bandits will soon be history.

“The latest attack on innocent people by the bandits is an act of desperation by mass murderers, now under relentless pressure from our military forces who are well equipped to effectively confront these enemies of humanity.

“In keeping with my commitment to tackle the monster of terrorism head-on, let me reassure these besieged communities and other Nigerians that this government will not abandon them to their fate because we are more than ever determined to get rid of these outlaws.

“These criminals will be history because we are not going to relent in our current military operations to get rid of these thugs who have been terrorising innocent people.

“We are fiercely determined to smoke out and destroy these outlaws who have no regard for the sanctity of life.”


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