A Passion, Covid 19 Actualized- Lara Annie’s 7 Hours Ride To Port Harcourt; Female Power Biker


To a lot of people, 2020 was a mess, it came with many dramas and troubles, to some it became a year of grieve as they lost their loved ones to the deadly virus although it was exciting for a group who said there was no money but had a closed-door meeting to plan the numerous weddings that got me wondering whether the only passage to heaven is to get married in 2020, do not get me wrong, it’s a joke to ease the covid19 tension.

2020 is also the year the society was distrupted by the deadly pandemic, coronavirus; too many restrictions and economic setbacks, hunger, and lack on the part of the masses especially the poor. Though this year came with a lot of things we aren’t excited to talk about, it is also a year most people are grateful for because it gave them reasons to actualize their goals. Try to recall the times you procrastinated about that course you wanted to offer, that skill you wanted to acquire, the places you wanted to be, people you should have visited, the only excuse you ever gave was that the time wasn’t enough for those extra things yet.

I was seated next to this guy on a plane on my way to Lagos one of those trips I procrastinated about and we engaged each other, I told him about my new hobby which is biking and he laughed, in fact he called me weird because to him the things I said I enjoy doing, most girls my age won’t do them. I fell in love with biking when my friends started biking, my first ride was really scary but later became fun as I couldn’t stop screaming in excitement as I felt comfortable on the bike as my friend rode.

The young guy asked “how do you enjoy something as risky as biking? How do you have fun by risking your life? what do you gain from biking? I thought about Omolara here, a female Nigerian power biker, who was recently featured in Punch Newspapers and Legit TV about her passion for biking, how she started and how far she has gone.

She would have been in the best position to tackle his worries. I Couldn’t help him but asked some questions; how is biking different from the plane we are on right now? how different is it from the cars on the road? If danger was his problem then I am sorry, because danger is everywhere even in the comfort of your home.

I find difficulty engaging people who are scared of pursuing dreams, who are not ready to take the risk, who are just not interested in trying, life has thought me and many others to keep moving. You shouldn’t stop aspiring just because the now looks really unfavorable, keep dreaming like baby Omolara who never stopped thinking about her childhood dream of becoming a power-biker, it took her years of not giving up and sticking to her dream.

The young man’s question, got me thinking of a young Nigerian lady, Omolara who is currently chasing her dreams to be one of Nigerians best female biker, this has always been Lara’s passion, though other things occupied her mind, she was thinking about her job as an accountant and also trying to succeed in her professional accounting examination. With the covid19 came this break for Lara to finally enroll into a biking academy where she learnt how to ride a bike in less than 4 weeks, and traveled all the way down to Port Harcourt for the “Bikers in Nigeria Muscle on Wheel convention”. Lara has not just been to Port-Harcourt alone, she has travelled to Ibadan, Ife, Ilesha, Benin, Akure and Delta State.

For Lara Annie, biking allows you to make this trilling movement,it is exciting to be on the bike and to view nature in its beauty, Omolara is just 27 years old but with big dreams of which biking is one of them and this biking has given Lara Annie a social media presence as she now has her fans. Biking has also inspired Lara Annie into creating her own youtube channel, as she always thought of new ways of satisfying her viewers who are anticipating for her intentional biking activities. Lara enjoys the excitement that comes with riding a bike and seeing people wave at her for being a biker. Here is to motivate you all to chase your dreams, its not too late, you are not too old or young, gender isnt a barrier just trust the process of your growth and be consistent. Be like Omolara, chase your dreams, and make a name for yourself.


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