Insecurities in Kaduna: The latest kidnap of school children


Some students of Prince Academy, Kaduna were abducted by gunmen on Monday. Gunmen invade Damba-Kasaya community in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Insecurities in Kaduna:

In the process of rescuing the students as the armed men took them into the bush, a villager was killed. Invading a school to abduct young students preparing for their examinations got me wondering what kind of people we breed here and what led them to be this inhumane and cruel.

News has it that they also abducted some of the villagers in the community, what is this about? Why pick civilians and tension homes? This is not the first time a thing as barbaric as this is happening in Kaduna, Kaduna is now seen as a dungeon for all kinds of malicious acts.

Why enter into a community, abduct civilians and shoot randomly like people living in Kaduna are just objects? Why take away peace and serenity from the community? Why trouble the hearts of the people. The insecurities in rural communities are worsening, people now live in fear. People are leaving their homes due to the issue of insecurity, why should we leave our communities for some heartless people?

I asked my friend who we should blame about the recent happenings in Kaduna; should the government be blamed for this? Should we blame the people for not being careful? This is funny. Should we rather blame the perpetrators of the killings and kidnapping? I was just not sure anymore.

I know that the government has some roles to play in ensuring peace, stability and security in the state, I am not applauding them for their failures, the people did no wrong going for their daily hustles, the perpetrators who lack empathy for humanity should be blamed for their wicked acts.

No one should give me the excuse of how unemployment and poverty are the reasons for those acts executed by the gunmen, why inflict pain on another because of your own interest?

The people kidnapped did no wrong to the kidnappers, the only crime they committed is that they are citizens of a state and country where the government cared less about their well being which has led many to behaving in an unscrupulous manner.

I had a conversation with my mentor about visiting Lagos, he asked why I haven’t visited since they opened the borders and I gave this excuse of not having enough funds for flight and I wasn’t ready to go through the road trip due to distance and insecurity.

This was a statement I made out of the fear of the unknown because I have heard a lot of terrible things happening on the road and I have also witnessed. This is exactly the state of mind of the people at Kaduna, they are living in fear, because everyday we hear about the terrible things happening there.

It’s time for our government to act towards this and look for ways to end this menace. It’s not time for them to be mute over issues, there is no official statement from the government concerning this issue and some others in the past but they are always quick to send condolence messages to other countries when they face challenges yet we cannot boast of our own safety here. Who are they deceiving?


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