Trailer Kills 10 School Children in Lagos state


Not one or two, but 10 children killed by one reckless driver. Everything happening right now in Nigeria is so exhausting, from poverty to insecurity, to the hike on the prices of food, to man’s inhumanity to man, bad leadership and tribal and ethnic sentiment. They are so tiring. Can we wake up to good news for once? can we not have to hear about the predicaments of Nigerians every single day of our lives.

Today, 10 children who left their homes, went to school because They’ve been told about the importance of education, they were told that if they study they would become leaders of tomorrow, they probably must have figured out what they want to become, they must have told their parents how they want to become Doctors, Nurses, pilots, engineers, architects, artists, journalists and so on, but today their dreams and aspiration has been cut short.

People at Ojodu Axis of Lagos State are agitated after a trailer crushed 10 children of Junior Grammar School Ojodu, the truck driver ran into the school children that were coming back from school and killed about 10, just like that they are gone, children who left their families are going back to them as dead bodies. This is sad. The recklessness of these drivers and how our leaders have failed to implement policies to protect citizens is so disheartening. There is no order in Nigerian, people just act the way they want, no sanctions, “just act as you like” no one cares.

Civilians took it upon themselves and destroyed two trucks, burnt the trucks for the lives lost, yet this can’t bring the kids back to life nor take away the pains of their loved ones.


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