Richard Montgomery British High Commissioner Explains UK’s Decision to Dependents Visa


Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, has provided an explanation for the UK government’s decision to ban international students from bringing family members with them starting in 2024. The new policy aims to address pressure on the country’s housing infrastructure and manage the inflow of migrants.

Montgomery stated that the increasing number of students seeking to bring their dependents poses challenges in terms of finding suitable housing and services for the existing student population. He emphasized the need to manage migration in and out of the UK, similar to how the Nigerian government manages its own migration.

The British High Commissioner noted that the number of Nigerian students in the UK has significantly increased over the past three years, with Nigerian visitors accounting for over 10% of those coming to the UK. He highlighted the positive impact of Nigerian students on UK universities and expressed satisfaction with the growing number of Nigerians choosing to study in the UK.

During discussions with Vice President Kashim Shettima, Montgomery also acknowledged the policy direction of the Bola Tinubu administration, which has received positive feedback from UK investors. He highlighted the importance of economic decisions such as subsidy removal and exchange rate reform, which contribute to a favorable investment environment.

The British High Commissioner mentioned the assistance the British government could provide to mitigate the effects of discontinuing petroleum subsidy and acknowledged the current challenges faced by Nigerians, including inflation and unemployment. He expressed optimism that the reforms undertaken by Nigeria would attract more investments, and he pledged to support efforts to enhance trade and investment between the UK and Nigeria.


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