RMAFC Denies 114% Salaries Increase for Political Office Holders


The Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has refuted media reports suggesting that it has approved a 114% increment in salaries for political office-holders, judicial officials, and public office holders. The RMAFC’s Public Relations Officer, Christian Nwachukwu, clarified in an exclusive discussion with LEADERSHIP that President Bola Tinubu has not given approval for the salary increment.

Rakiya Tanko-Ayuba, a Federal Commissioner in the Commission, was reported to have made the remark about the salary increment while representing RMAFC Chairman Mohammad Shehu during the presentation of reviewed remuneration package reports to Kebbi State Governor, Nasir Idris. However, the RMAFC spokesperson strongly denied the commissioner’s assertion, stating that neither the chairman nor himself had made any statements regarding the salary increment.

Nwachukwu emphasized that there has been no approval yet for the salary increment and that the process is still ongoing. He clarified that the proposal would need to be presented as a bill for the president’s assent before it can take effect. Nwachukwu also mentioned that the National Assembly’s involvement in the legislative process is yet to be completed.

When questioned about whether the RMAFC has sent the executive bill through the Federal Executive Council (FEC) to the National Assembly for deliberation, Nwachukwu stated that everything is still under the process. He urged caution in interpreting the situation to avoid misquoting him.

In summary, the RMAFC has denied approving the reported salary increment and clarified that the process is still ongoing, awaiting the president’s assent. The National Assembly’s involvement and the completion of the legislative process are yet to be finalized.


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