Nigeria: Hike in Food Prices


Who else still enjoys going to the market? Because I don’t, the price hike is really troubling. Each time when I find myself in the market environment I either come home sad or end up overthinking about the whole situation, like; is it just the government or these market people are increasing the price of things themselves because we do not have market regulations?

People are really going through so much in this country be thankful for the little you have because the price hike is becoming unbearable. Why should I cry whenever I go to the market? If it is hard for me what happens to the old woman who has nobody.

If I haven’t experienced some or seen and even gotten angry over the unnecessary increase in the price of things, I would say it’s a big joke and a lie. It is really hard in this country, the cost of living so high, yet salaries are stagnant no increments whatsoever rather people are losing their jobs. The workspaces can’t contain a lot of people; the big question is, how do we cope in this hard time? Why do we have a government that doesn’t care? Are we to starve to death also?

I saw a post on Instagram and it made me shed tears because what is this frustration? The price of raw yam is so high now that sellers now slice the yams into smaller sizes so that people can afford them, when did we get to this point? I also saw a post of a celebrity who was lamenting over the cost of plantain, this celebrity bought 4 pieces of plantains for 6000, if he was so agitated what do we say of the poor woman in my village.

Some days back, I went to the market to buy some fruits and the prices were just unnecessarily high and I didn’t even know what action to take, whether I should be mad at the sellers or the country, or I should just buy the fruits or just work back home. I hissed and paid for the few I could get and walked away so disappointed at my country.

Let us talk about the overwhelming price of eggs, now this is not nice, do you know that we got to rationalize so much about these chickens, it is funny but frustration got us to that point. Why are eggs so expensive now? are the chickens going through anti-natal, or did they pay for the delivery fee? Are they been fed SMA gold, why is a crate of egg 1700? Just when I thought I have heard the worst, I was informed that a cup of Garri is now 120, if I was a baby I would have wailed on the ground because our so-called government is gradually taking food away from my hands and table.

My heart was broken because at least I experienced when garri was 10 naira only, we don’t even buy sometimes. My friend was asking about the increase and if they changed machines used for the production of garri or what? What is really the reason for the inflation? This is the devaluation of our currency at its peak. Our money has no value and it is crippling our economy.

A mother was complaining about how she now starves her kids of their favorite meal, she no longer gives them yam because they are expensive, she has other bills to attend to, utility bills, school fees, house rent, and so on. This is really disheartening.

I am only expressing my frustrations through writing, our leaders don’t even care.


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