Bethel High School: 121 School Children Kidnapped


We woke up to the Bethel high school news all over social media. Another Kidnap of school children, another day passed and is been done about the insecurity in Nigeria, another day of not know our fate as a Nigerian. The President Kaduna Baptist Conference and proprietor of Bethel Baptist High School Kaduna, Rev. Yahaya Adamu Jangado has informed that bandits called to say that 121 of their students are in their custody.

Rev. Jangado, on Monday morning said they received a distress call that bandits visited the school and on hearing the news they alerted security officials to come to their rescue, according to him;
“They came and already the bandits were going away with a number of our students and there was an exchange of fire between the soldiers and the bandits and in the process, they lost two of the soldiers.”

For now, we know that we have 154 students in the school hostel and yesterday (Monday) after the exchange of fire between the soldiers and the bandits. We came to the school and recovered 28 students, some of them hit in many places. Some of them in the course of taking them away, they escaped and they came back to the school.”

“So the total number of students we recovered yesterday (Monday) were 28 and today (Tuesday) by the grace of God we had a call from the bandits and they assured us that our children are well and doing okay. In fact, we had the privilege of speaking with a few of them.”
This was the statement from the President about the kidnapped students, he further stated that the students counted themselves in the jungle and they gave information that they are 121 and when we put the number together with what we have recovered, we discovered that the number is exactly the same as the number of students we have in the hostel”.

They called us to say that our children are there with them, they are doing well, they are sound, we spoke with a few of them, that is the information for now. “

“We called the parents here to appreciate them for their patience, understanding and calmness and also solicit for their support in this trying moment. We assured them that as management we will do anything possible to bring back their children.”

“I want to thank God because the parents are understanding. We are working together to see what we can do. For now, we do not know what the bandits will say. They may call for ransom and we may have to negotiate and we have also agreed with the parents to work together in prayers and look up to God in this matter. “

“We have informed the Government about the matter and we had a meeting with them also and they promised us that they would do everything possible to go for a rescue mission and make sure the students are back,” Rev. Yahaya reported .

May God save the Bethel High school students and can our leaders do something about insecurity in Nigeria.


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