Yoruba Nation Agitators: 14 Years Girl killed by the Police


Today it’s the Yoruba people agitating. We wake up every morning in Nigeria not knowing when and how we are going to die, do not get me wrong people do not know when and how they are going to die but Nigeria has made this even more frightening and discomforting as we wake up to the numerous cases of premature deaths and yet again a young lad was killed by a strayed bullet. This girl is just 14 years old, she didn’t see it coming neither did her loved ones. Death just came for her through the carelessness of our own police force.

A little girl known as Jumoke, a yogurt seller, was been killed by bullets fired by a security operative trying to scare away Yoruba Nation agitators at Ojota, Lagos State, yesterday the 3rd of July, 2021.

Jumoke’s corpse was seen and it was noticed that bullets had ripped open the victim’s stomach. She was only displaying drinks at a shop when the bullet hit her. The girl was only helping her parents display drinks, she was not seen playing or running around yet death came to her.

Her body has been covered with a piece of cloth as a crowd gathered at the spot.
The PUNCH had reported that despite the heavy presence of armed policemen and soldiers around the Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota, Lagos, agitators of Yoruba Nation had started coming out in their numbers.

The protesters chanted different kinds of freedom songs, including, “No going back,” “We want Oodua Nation,” among others.

The agitators surfaced around 11.20 am while the Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, was addressing journalists.
Some of the agitators who spoke to newsmen said it was time to have a separate nation for the Yoruba ethnic group because they don’t have anything in common with the other ethnic groups in Nigeria.


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