Police Arrest Suspects in Gombe State with Human Bones


Four individuals have been apprehended by the Gombe state police command for being in possession of human bones. The arrest followed complaints from residents of Taraba who claimed to have been defrauded by the suspects. According to ASP Mahid Abubakar, the spokesperson of the police command, the victims had sought the services of Alhaji Auwal, who is currently on the run, with the belief that he would offer prayers for their business success. However, the complainants became dissatisfied when their businesses did not improve and demanded a refund of the N650,000 they had paid.

Abubakar further revealed that upon requesting a refund, Auwal directed the complainants to a 65-year-old man named Ibrahim Adamu from Dukku LGA in Gombe State. However, Auwal has since been evading capture. As part of the investigation, Ibrahim Adamu was arrested at Auwal’s residence, where various items associated with their illicit activities were discovered, including traditional charms, grave sands, and a white cloth used for their nefarious practices.

Efforts are currently underway to apprehend the main suspect, Auwal, who remains at large. The investigation is still ongoing in Gombe, and the recovered items, which include human bones, grave sands, and other materials used for traditional charms, will be presented as evidence. Once the investigations are concluded, the four suspects will be charged in court.


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