The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has strongly criticized the recent increase in the price of petrol and other policies that adversely affect workers and the general population. The NLC considers these actions to be an attack on Nigerian workers and the masses, describing them as weapons of war. The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, expressed these concerns during a four-day program for NLC leaders in the southern states held in Lagos.

Ajaero emphasized that trade union leaders should not abandon the Nigerian people and workers, but rather join together in the struggle to protect their rights. He highlighted the disregard shown by various governments in trampling upon the rights of Nigerians, and the lack of consequences faced by politicians who act against the interests of workers and the masses.

The recent sharp increase in the price of petrol, justified by the federal government as a subsidy withdrawal, was also condemned by the NLC. Ajaero pointed out that such policy decisions should have been made through dialogue with stakeholders, but the government chose to disregard this approach, causing significant economic distress.

The NLC stated that the Nigerian state, from various angles, is engaged in a war against the people and workers, subjecting them to continuous pressure and robbing them of their livelihoods. They stressed that the impoverishment of workers and the increasing number of poor people cannot be justified as sound economic management.

Ajaero called on the NLC to take forceful action and bring attention to the fact that further impoverishing millions of Nigerians cannot be an acceptable form of punishment. He urged the NLC to confront the injustices faced by workers, including the violation of their rights in workplaces and the prevalence of abuses by employers.

The NLC criticized the government for owing salaries for extended periods and treating the payment of earned income as a form of charity rather than a right. They stressed the need for social justice and called for an end to the suffering endured by workers and the masses.

Overall, the NLC expressed the urgency of addressing these issues and preventing further deterioration of the living conditions of Nigerian workers and the general population.


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