Kidnap in IMO state:2 kidnapped, including Reverend Sister


Imo State she turned into a war zone. Horrible things happening daily. Each day comes with one disaster or the other and here they have entered the church.

Two women, including a Reverend sister, were kidnapped at different places in Imo State on Sunday morning.

A reverend sister was abducted at Dim na Nume, Isu in Nwangele Council Area of the state some minutes after a kidnap incident took place at Ohii. What actually is the plan? What is this continuous kidnap of people?

It was said that, the Reverend Sister, whose identity is not known, was driving when the kidnappers crossed and forced her to stop.
An eyewitness said the kidnappers forced her into their car while one entered and drove her car behind.

Another incident was reported at St Philip’s Anglican Church, members of Ohii Parish in Owerri West Local Government Area of the state were frightened when some bandits walked into the church at about 7:45 am and kidnapped one Mrs. lkenna Onwusoroaka.
The kidnappers were said to have driven out with her in their car leaving the woman’s vehicle behind.

Youth of Orogwe Archdeaconry who were holding their camp/conference at the church premises were disorganized also took covers.

The two incidents came at a time relatives of one Chimezie Okpara, who was kidnapped on Friday at his Umudurunna home, still in Imo state.

Okpara was kidnapped while returning to his house from the market where he had gone to buy things for the burial ceremony of his brother’s father-in-law.
Sources in the family informed that more than 48 hours after the incident, the kidnappers are yet to make contacts with the family.


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