Father and Son Arrested for Gang-raping his Biological Daughter in Lagos


Gang-raping your blood? A young girl was gang-raped by the two most important people in her life, her biological brother and her father, one would think that such heinous act is unimaginable until you hear them happen to people and you begin to question if we are getting closer to the last days. This young girl is just 19 and she was gang-raped by her own, how? seriously how do I explain this unscrupulous act? This is really sad because her home was supposed to be her safe place and her family did this to her, will she ever be alright?

Kehinde Adeleke, 62 year-old man and his 19 year-old son Ayomide, were arrested for gang-raping his daughter who is the biological sister of Ayomide. This happened in Lagos, Enelu Danisa Street where they reside.

There are different issues regarding this case, the psychological effect of their action, the harm it may cause on her future? the fact that she is now been forced to nurture a baby when she still needs help with herself. This girl is pregnant and she can’t determine whose child it is she is carrying, her father’s or her brother? Moreso, is the fact that she may never trust anyone again, if the people who were supposed to protect her and love her could do this, who is that stranger next door?

I have seen women fight for their place in the society, I have read about their agitations, and I have also joined in some campaigns that are geared towards securing a safe space for the girl child, but then I hear people say that its not always about women, we shouldn’t always make it about the girl child, I get this, but how do we disprove the fact that the girl child is literally in danger everywhere and anytime with the stories we see or hear everyday about the crimes committed on women.

I see men turn into wolves and hunt women and I can say that we deserve all the rights to make this about women and girls, we must loud it and fight for our safety in the society. The girl child is definitely the most endangered specie in the world, women are hunted in their work places, churches, schools, and in the different sectors of the economy, its just war against women and this must stop.

Rape is a very big deal and what happens to victims of rape is a big deal and should not be massaged in any way.  It is high time we learn to break the culture of silence, the shame should be on the perpetrators of rape and not the victims. When someone says NONO means NO. Everything else that comes after that is a crime.  

Do we have to review this section of the Panel Code? Section 283 “any person who commits the offence of rape is liable to imprisonment for life, with or without canning”. We need to do better, scare perpetrators of rape, stop them from continuing this cruelty. Why should the victims of rape be scared while the perpetrators walk freely?


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