A 23 Year-Old Suspect Blames Zubby Michael for Teaching him how to Kidnap in his Movies


I learnt how to kidnap from Zubby Michael. A young boy who confessed of been a kidnapper was recently arrested by the police division in Ogun state for allegedly abducting a 6 year-old boy from his school, this little boy attends a private school in Ojo Alaba area of Lagos state.

The suspect, Ayobamidele Qudus Ayodele kidnapped this little child on November 16, 2021 and kept him for 4 days while requesting for a ransom of 2million. When the money was paid Qudus released the boy. This kidnapper when caught by the police said that he learnt kidnaping from watching the movies of the Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael. According to Qudus, “Zubby Michael is my favourite Nollywood actor and he is very good at kidnapping roles, I decided to try out some of the methods used by Zubby to kidnap children and adults”.

It is so disappointing to hear this young man blame the Nollywood actor for his own greed, the actor in question has never kidnapped anyone in real life, neither is he a kidnapper and trying to hide his guilt and shame, blaming the actor makes no sense, besides he is an adult and knows what is right and wrong and whatever movies of Zubby Michael he must have seen has a message attached to it and the intention couldn’t have been for anyone to venture into kidnapping others for money.

Ayobamidele Qudus Ayodele also confessed that he started his kidnapping hustle by going to different schools around Ojo to see if luck shines on him to abduct any school pupil and on this occasion he visited a school around Alaba market waited by the gate and there he found the 6 year-old boy. According to him he saw two boys coming to school stopped them, one had a cane and he started interacting with him, enquired about where he got the cane and tricked him to take him to where he got the cane also promised to buy him chocolates and biscuits.

The suspect took the little boy to an hotel to prevent people from suspecting, the hotel is in Illgbo Eremi, Lagos, and in the hotel he called the father of the boy to bring the sum of 2million for his son to be released, but after 4 days the man was only able to raise N550,000. The little boy was said to be calm the whole time because he had the phone of the kidnapper to entertain him, of course the criminal knew how to lure little kids, so he gave him a phone with lots of game to keep the child busy.

Ayobamidele Qudus Ayodele pleaded; “I am sorry for causing his family so much pain, I am not a cultist or an armed robber. I do not have a gang I just trained myself by watching Zubby Michael. My parents trained me very well, I was just impatient and greedy.


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