Over 40 People Killed in Madamai, Kaduna


Today it’s Madamai Kaduna, and families are grieving over the death of their loved ones and our leaders are somewhere making merry and feeling less concerned about the state of Nigeria. The whole issue we are facing in our country is making life unbearable for Nigerians, people are taking their own lives, many are scared and frustrated yet no one cares.

It keeps getting worse by the day and I can only hear my mum’s voice telling me not to get scared and how fear is the actual terror and I shouldn’t let it sap away my peace. I wish I could, mum, but why should I make that road trip knowing that anything can actually happen and no one cares, why should I not be scared when I lost a friend to a silly driver and bad road, why should I not get scared when a friend of mine is wailing over the death of his friend who is a final year student, she was shot dead for no good reason. Damn this country is a mess right now!

I guess this is the case for most Nigerians, they are scared and worried and ready to elope by all means, because why not? These bad guys are bent on risking the lives of Nigerians. Nobody is ready to do anything about the insecurity and the frequent murdering of innocent Nigerians, our roads are not even good, poor drainage systems and very soon we would start hearing about how water killed a Nigerian who couldn’t swim during a flood.

Today’s episode of Nigeria’s pain on citizens, more than 40 people have been killed in two villages and they have been attacked by gunmen in northwestern Nigeria, where a military base was also attacked by suspected jihadists, authorities, this attack and lives lost happened within a short period of two days, Sunday and Monday.

It was reported that “Unidentified men attacked the village of Madamai in Kaura district on Sunday and 34 residents were killed in the attack. Seven were injured,” and this was reported by Kaduna State security chief Samuel Aruwan. Though soldiers were sent to the scene of the attack, the attackers retreated after an intense gun fire between the soldiers and the gunmen. It was indeed a traumatic day for the people of Kaduna.

Mr. Samuel moved further to say that “In retaliation” for this attack, as well as another in which one person was killed in the village of Jankasa, “eight people were killed, six were wounded, and several houses destroyed in the village of Kacecere” by “unidentified men”,

Over the years we have seen the tussle between transhumant herders and sedentary farmers in central and northwestern Nigeria, transhumant herders accusing the sedentary farmers of stealing their land with their livestock and this has caused chaos in the state.

This battle has led to a serious security issue, with attacks by armed bandits and continuous exchange between communities.
Criminal gangs, known locally as “bandits,” loot villages, steal livestock and carry out kidnappings for ransom.

It has been noticed that these gangs are very interested in making schooling difficult for students as they have targeted schools and universities, kidnapping over 1,400 students.
These criminals are said to be associated with the jihadist groups in the northeast which we have heard of over the years but are now back with a full force to make life miserable for Nigerians.

Again, why are our leaders doing? Are we truly independent? We are not even free from our own people yet we say a lot of terrible things about our colonial masters.


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