No, is a complete sentence. A message to serial debauchers.


Is no too difficult to understand? Rape is a traumatic experience, it is disgusting and horrifying for the victim, it is sickening and the physical, psychological, and sociological effect it has on the victim is overwhelmingly vicious, it is even more annoying than the aftermath of rape differs amongst victims. So you see, it is very difficult to try to help victims because you have to think of different ways to help them erase the awful memories of the beast on top of them as they struggle.

No, is a complete sentence

You would be wondering why I decided to talk about this. As usual, going through the statuses of most of my friends whose statuses I see to be interesting and informing, I came across the post of a male friend who was complaining bitterly about the sufferings of the girl child, here is what he said “Mehn… it is hard to be a woman in my country, it is worse if you are a child”. I was contemplating about my friend’s decision to support and talk about women today, so I sent a message just to inquire what the situation was, and he sent me links to some rape cases in the country presently and expressed how disappointed he was seeing the magnitude of injustice done on those girls.

This triggered the words of my friend from last night after sending her a work I did for the injustice done on blacks, she said to me ‘It’s an amazing article, but I’m going to repeat the same words I said to people who wrote articles about our brothers in diaspora, are you all going to talk about this alone? What about the things happening here presently?

My friend only wanted to remind me of the wrongs done on innocent people in our country, she wanted to put to my face the death cases in Kaduna state, she wanted me to know that a massive number of people are dying in some northern and southern parts of the country, she wanted me to see that many are hungry in my nation, she wanted me to be a voice for Tina who was shot by a cop in Nigeria, she wanted justice for Tina too, she craved for me to talk about our own systemic problems, she couldn’t help but plead with me to talk about how insignificant we are to our leaders. Yes, blacks are suffering and are dying, while we fight this course with them, we shouldn’t overlook the happenings in our country. Can we talk about all of them together, so no one feels disregarded?

I am not here to talk about everything, but to voice out my worries for the girl child and how she is unprotected here, just so it’s not a discuss about gender discrimination, I don’t want anyone fuming about how boys are also abused and and all, when it’s about them we would talk about them but let’s face the reality of Tina, Uwa and the 12 years old. How do we explain the injustice done on a minor, the incident was said to have occurred at Limawa quarters in Dutse Local Government Area of the state. The girl at Kaduna is just 12 years old for crying aloud and she was raped by 11 men, not 1 or 2 but 11, a team of men, a complete team for a football match, well, they kicked their balls around her, they scored goals because they are now popular for their insanity.

This is ridiculous! This only explains that we are breeding heartless men in our country. Those disgusting pedophiles chose that little one, in fact, they are not even allowed to choose anyone to be a victim of their malicious and cruel act. How did they pick interest in underage girls and love them so badly that they want to force themselves on them and even hurt them in the process? If pleasure is what they wanted to derive, I can’t even open my eyes to the weird thoughts running in my mind right now as I think of the pleasure they derived. It is inhumane and worrisome! Indeed the hearts of humans are so dark. It is so disheartening that we can’t even see the crazy plan they had in their dumb heads to stop them from executing this horrifying and horrible thing on the girl.

This makes us wail and roll after they must have manifested them. The 22 years old, 100Level student of Microbiology at the University of Benin, Edo State, Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, has been brutally raped and killed in a church, in the house of God. This is insane! No sense of respect for God no aorta of human decency. How do we get justice for this girl? This is really sad. She must have struggled and said No! numerous times but you see, rapists are so daft that they do not understand that the word “No” is a complete sentence. No is not just a word, it is a sentence, so when people say no to you, don’t force them, don’t kill them, don’t hate them, don’t hit them, just let them be.

Just like the global pandemic, issues like rape should be looked out for, we shouldn’t joke about things that are important as this or ignore them, justice should be given to victims. So when I hear people say, we have rapists and pedophiles everywhere but as usual they are going to sweep this under the carpet and justice won’t be served, oh, they are going to take this to their Sharia court and those men won’t be punished for the injustice done on the 12 years old child, he is wealthy he is going to shut them up. These statements are really frightening because if Vera doesn’t get justice for the intentional ending of her life by the beast who is sexually unrestrained she won’t be happy.

We can’t continue to encourage the culture of rape, the rate at which people engage in this crime is really alarming and we must put an end to this as a society. Strict policies should be placed to scare perpetrators. We should be able to protect the vulnerable in our country. Rape is a detestable act with no justification for the perpetrators to act in such loathsome and irritating way, rape shatters the soul of the victim. Can we put an end to this by creating safe spaces for the vulnerable and creating a society housing decent people. Or maybe we should go back to understanding words, so when someone says NO to us we could grab without waiting for it to be repeated.

NO. This word No, is a complete sentence.

Justice for the 12 years old girl who was raped by 11 Janjaweed. Justice for Vera Uwa, a 22 years old girl who was raped in church, I believe God was watching too.

Justice for all the victims of rape.

This nonsense must stop.


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