Bayelsa State Government Confiscates 44 Cows for Violation of Anti-open Grazing Law


Due to the harms caused by herdsmen and their cows most States were forced to enforce a law against open grazing and the Bayelsa Government has confiscated 44 cows in Yenagoa for the violation of the State’s Anti-Open Grazing Law.

Mr. David Alagoa, the Task Force on the implementation and enforcement of the law led by the Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, in company of the security men impounded the cows along Imiringi road on Saturday afternoon, January 22. 

It was reported that the herders and owners of the cows were not arrested alongside the cows. Open grazing have destroyed many farmlands and has caused farmers pain.

Farmers in Bayelsa State have cried out for the destruction of their farmlands by cattle, urging the state government to ensure that the anti-open grazing law is totally enforced to avoid conflicts.

Some farmers along the Tombia-Amassoma Road axis in Okutukutu community of Yenagoa, while counting their losses due to the destruction of their farms by cattle, said the invasion of their farmlands by herders was affecting their incomes.These farmers can’t be doing so much to survive and we have cows destroying their source of livelihood, it makes no sense.


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