8-year-old Girl Killed in Zaria After her Abductors Received 3Million as Ransom.


Another child killed in Zaria! Shortly after Hanifa Abubakar’s killer was found, her body seen after been poisoned and buried by her school teacher, news of another little guy is seen trending all over the internet, it has been reported that an eight-year-old girl named Asma’u has also been killed in Zaria, Kaduna state, by her abductors after her father paid N3m ransom for her release, it makes me wonder why they chose to go after kids this time, not just abduct them but end their lives.

Two new cases and new hostages created, #forHanifa and #forAsma’u what kind if a society is this, very lawless country with insensitive leaders, how do we just fold our hands to these acts of wickedness?

The little girl was kidnapped by one of her neighbours on the 9th of December 2021 and when she didn’t return home her father, Shuaibu Wa’Alamu, lodged a formal complaint with the police to inform them of his missing daughter. 

”My daughter was abducted on the 9th of December and when she failed to return home, I lodged a formal complaint with the Police.

After some days, the abductors began to call my number and demanded for N15m. But we negotiated and I first gave them N2m.

They collected the money in Rigasa area of Kaduna. Later, they called me again and demanded for another N1. 045m as the only condition to release my daughter. I did not argue. But I gave the money to them.

However, after paying the ransom as demanded on the 19th of January, they called me to tell me they had killed my daughter. And they immediately switched off their phone.

You see since from the initial stage, I was following her abductors and doing their bidding because of the fear of losing my daughter. Now, they have killed her.

I know those who abducted her and killed her. They are around us. I’m have strong evidence. I have told the Police. And they are on it. In fact, the suspects have been arrested,” he said.

The spokesperson of the Kaduna Police Command, ASP Muhammed Jalige confirmed this missing case and the report of the girl’s dad and responded;

“What I can tell you right now is that investigations are ongoing. I have to get across to our men in Zaria, then details of the incident will be released later.”

My question is, what do they do to these people who commit such heinous crimes? if our government is really paying attention to these kind of situations we won’t have more people repeating the same crime over and again. We wake up to similar issues daily and this is scary, if children are no longer safe in Nigeria, what then is the hope of our future?


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