Nigerians question Obi Cubana’s wealth: What is your Social Capital? Nollywood Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo, and others React.


The king of the nightclub, Mr. Obinna Iyiegbu who is popularly known as Obi Cubana promises to empower 300 youths from Oba in Anambra state and offers them 300million naira, he made this promise during his mother’s thanksgiving Mass. Again, the great businessman has shown support and love to his people. According to the Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo, “Helping those in your circle to grow is a huge social capital investment and the question is, what is your social capital?”

Obi Cubana has the social capital

From antiquity, Igbos are hustlers, they are business-oriented and they are known for their wealth, a typical Igbo man even in his wealth shows simplicity.

Prior to this age where men close deals both locally and internationally, Igbos are subsistence farmers who trade crops like yam, cassava, corn, pumpkins, etc. Lands are owned communally and life is made easy for everyone, the Igbo man believes in community growth the reason you see them coming home to get their Igbo brothers to the city to make their own wealth what they regard in their local parlance as Igba-Odibo/Igba-Boi/Imu-Ahia/Imu-Oru′ and in English Apprenticeship.

Trading, local crafts, and wage labor also are important in the Igbo economy, literacy helped many Igbo people to become civil servants and business entrepreneurs.

I am not the federal government nor the EFCC to probe someone’s wealth. Truth be told, a lot of Nigerians are porky. It is sad to say that they spend most of their time sniffing into people’s lives.

I know that there are a lot of bad people in Nigeria and some Nigerians in the diaspora who do really terrible things to survive. Not disputing this fact it is also right that we acknowledge well-meaning Nigerians, great hustlers, businessmen, and women who engage in different ventures just to survive and at least if unsure of how a person made his wealth remain silent.

Today, Obi Cubana has blessed 300 lives and when they come back in the future to show appreciation you call them ritualists.

I saw the popular movie actress Uche Jumbo in an Instagram post clarifying people about how most rich Nigerians made their wealth and she also informed the public that her family is where they are today because they started importing fish from Norway to Abia state.

Also in an Instagram post, the entrepreneur entertainer, Pretty Mike of Lagos responds to Nigerians who assume that Obi Cubana and his friends are ritualists for spraying money. he, said; “#bloodmoney wait ooh, is using someone for money ritual still in vogue? Abeg get a good business and network of people and watch how everything you do looks like a ritualist to ignorant people.

The actor, Kanayo O Kanayo in an Instagram video commended Obi Iyiegbu for his generosity and kindness. He said in his post “You become strong by lifting others, impact and investment in people is the greatest form of investment”, he moved further to say that “hard work and being selfless for others pay”.

And this I must consent to, because I spent over five days with my aunt and the businessman in question Mr. Obi, trying to ensure that the burial was a blast and successful, I for one couldn’t stop talking about his humility. Whatever happened at that burial was a result of his good deeds. Even the unity of the family kept me in awe, all hands on deck trying to ensure mama is laid to rest in a grand style.

The actor, Kanayo O Kanayo asked an important question “what is your social capital?” This is important because Nigerians tend to forget this aspect of life because they concentrate on negativity and evil. Will people stand by you when it is your turn? Do you carry your friends along or do you just use people?

We saw at the burial of Obi Cubana’s mom that a lot of dignitaries, political juggernauts, high-ranked businessmen and women, celebrities in solidarity sprayed bundles and stacks of money at the businessman.

When I hear people say that, these men are deceiving the youths and pressurizing them, all there is to say is, if you feel pressured then work hard and make your own money so that when you become rich people can call you a ritualist since some people choose to be mad in this country.

I must also say that I was amazed to see that there is a lot of money in Nigeria but please can we all put our hands together to see that things get better and easier for people, especially the poor, poverty is at the increase, people are hungry at least we saw at the burial of Obi Cubana’s mum what poor Nigerians displayed. A lot of people are hungry. Can we try to help reduce the hike in food prices? why we spray the money we have made let us also help the needy. It’s all for the common good. Indeed the change we want starts with us! Can we stop judging Obi Cubana and his friends but learn the act of generosity from him because his kindness attracted the caliber of people we saw at his mother’s burial.


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