My travel experiences have convinced me on how some people develop antisocial behavior over time, yet some have been persistent to the course of societal building.

Mara’s Talk is focused on sharing, knowledge, experiences, researches, stories of great people to inspire others, ills that needs to be evaluated, policies that needs to be rejuvenated, hope for the fallen; like that little child of about 7 years leading her drunk mum home that day as I walked through the streets of Lagos, each time when I think about the way she called her mum “mummy” and that look of disappointment, I begin to imagine what future awaits that child knowing that at that tender age she has known responsibility.

On this platform, we will be sharing articles on politics, society, self development, motivation, philosophy and some other random thoughts. Our aim is to create a conscious society not only conscious about the things we feel are important to us but consciousness in all aspects of the society. A society where people are aware, people are critical in their thoughts and open to see problems, proffer solutions and be appreciative when others make efforts